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Do you want to share Dr. Stanley Vollant’s message and add in your own way to this great mission? Join our team as a volunteer! You will showcase Puamun Meshkenu’s work to encourage young Indigenous people to develop healthy lifestyles and stay in school, and to step closer to reconciliation among peoples.


Together, let’s support Indigenous youth in developing to their full potential!

"I loved the warm and uncomplicated welcome of the team in place during the march in Quebec City last year, but especially the level of organization that made everything sink well during the event. Thank you Puamun Meshkenu! »
- Akienda Lainé, Wendake  


"I loved my volunteer experience at the KWE event; an invaluable opportunity to meet beautiful people and to have the privilege of integrating me into an energetic and competent team. »
- Ghislaine Massicote, La Tuque​​​

Heartfelt thanks to our volunteers 

Puamun Meshkenu would like to thank all the people who, through their volunteering, have helped make our one-time activities a success.

Each year, we welcome over 30 volunteers from all over Quebec. They are the cornerstones of our events, thanks to their investment, energy and good cheer.


Mikwetc! Tshinashkumitin! Chiniskomiitin! Wliwni! Mihwetch! Tiawenhk! Woliwon komac! Welalin! Nakurmiik! Nia´:wen! Migwech!


 “The more we share, the more we have. That is a miracle.” Léonard Nimoy


​To volunteer is to accept the adventure of listening to, meeting, sharing and working collaboratively with others. Volunteering also means commiting to acting in a spirit of fraternity and being attentif to “littler ones.” If you’d like to volunteer for Puamun Meshkenu, please start by filling out the form below. You must:

 • Be at least 18 years old; 

 • Be physically and mentally fit to work;

 • Commit for a given timeframe;

 • Accept assignments and tasks according to the organization's needs.

Please inform me of other volunteer needs for future events
Pour accompagner et soutenir les marcheu
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