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Stay tuned for recruiting 



Puamun Meshkenu ambassadors will have to:

  • Provide information sessions for youth, parents and other groups (in person or virtually).

  • Give and attend conferences and meetings in the designated region (in person or virtually).

  • Build and maintain new and existing relationships with key groups, including post-secondary, secondary and elementary institutions and educational associations across the province.

  • Report (in writing) on the information sessions, conferences and meetings attended.

  • Provide feedback on the structure and content of presentations and promotional or informational products.

  • Participate in meetings of ambassadors, training sessions and other organizational activities (in person or virtually), as required.

  • Communicate regularly with the Puamun Meshkenu project manager to monitor activities.

There are many advantages to becoming a young ambassador, for example:

  • Building a network of contacts.

  • Flexibility (you can structure the ambassador tasks around other professional, academic and personal responsibilities).

  • Receiving full training in public speaking and support from experts.

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