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Puamun Meshkenu’s team has developed training workshops tailored to the needs of various organizations. With years of experience in walks and events, we offer to share our knowledge through dynamic workshops. Contact us to learn more about our service.

Workshop presented to the members of the First Nations Youth Network during their annual meeting in the community of Pikogan in August 2019.

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With many tools to facilitate the organization of walking events, the Puamun Meshkenu team can support organizations that wish to set up such events. No matter how big your needs are, we will be able to offer you tailored support according to your local reality.

Puamun Meshkenu supported local organizers in planning the 2020 Ninan Walk.


“Puamun Meshkenu supported us in organizing the 2020 Ninan Walk, a 100 km event for 18-to-29 years olds. We shared their information and tools, which facilitated our organization of the walk accross the territory. We really appreciated Puamun Meshkenu’s good listening and support that truly helped us move forward better. From all of us Ninan organizers and walkers: “THANK YOU, PUAMUN!!!”

-Marjolaine Mckenzie, organizer of the 2020 Ninan Walk, Matimekush-Lac-John

If you need support, email us at

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