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Dr. Stanley Vollant has been giving lectures to various audiences for many years. He shares his background and experiences to inspire people of all ages to believe in their dreams and to persevere in fulfilling them. His message is also an invitation for reconciliation between peoples, getting to know Indigenous peoples better and forging links between different cultures.

Dr. Vollant offers various lectures:

On the Path of Dreams

Dr. Vollant shares his journey, which is marked by cultural pride, perseverance, resilience, but also by the challenges of education as an Indigenous person. This story full of hope shows that it is possible to overcome obstacles and to succeed. Dr. Vollant also summarizes his thoughts on the challenges that must be overcome to enable First Nations youth to develop to their full potential.  Dr. Vollant’s experience in the field demonstrates how young people can dream, use their education and draw on the richness of their origins so that their dreams contribute to the well-being of all Canadians.

Innu Meshkenu: The Road to Reconciliation

This adventure arose from a vision Dr. Vollant received along the Camino de Compostela. He saw himself walking his own path to inspire Indigenous youth to believe in their dreams and to never give up. His vision also included learning from Elders about history, culture, language and traditions. It was a reconciliation between the culture of his origins and the rest of Canadians. In this lecture, Dr. Vollant will tell audiences how he was able to fulfil this dream, his own dream of walking, canoeing and snowshoeing 6,000 km to talk and share with thousands of people along this road to reconciliation.

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