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As you know, the pandemic has had a significantly impact our young people’s activities, especially their educations. The next school year will bring its share of challenges for many among them. This is why Puamun Meshkenu is organizing a Campaign Promoting School Retention and Educational Success.

Its main aim is to raise awareness and involve and engage Indigenous youth, their families and all community stakeholders around our young people’s educational perseverance and success.


We will broadcast inspiring video clips and share motivating activities at various times through the school year on the Campaign’s Facebook page:

We are very pleased introduce Indigenous public figures who will join us in encouraging Indigenous youth to stay in school. As soon as school starts, you will be able to hear their personal stories about their own school perseverance and educational success.

Dr.Stanley Vollant, surgeon,

Suzy Basile, professor at UQAT,       

Cindy Blackstock, executive director of the First

Nations Child and Family Caring Society and professor at McGill University,       

Norma Condo, chef and owner of Miqmak Catering Indigenous Kitchen,

Melissa Haney, pilot,       

Marie-Ève Bordeleau, lawyer and commissioner of Indigenous affairs at the Ville de Montréal, 

Charles Bender,actor, director and show host,       

Eruoma Awashish, visual arts artist

Constant Awashish, Grand Chief of the Atikamekw Nation,

Elisapie Isaac, author, singer-songwriter.

Personalities speaks to you!

Dr. Stanley Vollant talks about his fears and motivations!

Version française

English version

Cindy Blackstock tells us what motivated her to persevere in school!

Version française

English version
Charles Bender tells us a
BIG secret!
French version
French version
Melissa Haney talks to you about
how to deal with challenges while in school.
French version
French version
Grand Chief Constant Awashish speaks
to you with wisdom.
Eruoma Awashish shares with us a message of perseverance. 
Norma Condo inspires us with her life journey.
Marie-Ève Bordeleau share with us about her career goals. 
Suzy Basile gives us practical advice
to stay motivated.
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